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FIT INDIA MOVEMENT - Day 1 (Nov 18th 2019)

I. Yoga for Students and Staff.

Doing Yoga is a spiritual development practices to train the body and mind to self observation.

It helps to increase our energy.

It helps to breath better reduce stress and helps to be more active and most happiness for entire day.

It helps to improve our memory also.

II. Activities on Fitness and Nutrition for Students and Staff.

Nutrition is the substances in food in relation to maintain, growth, reproduction health and fight against disease of an Organism.

Nutrition is the most important substance to maintain the fitness of our body.

Fitness is a capacity of carry out the day's activities and well-beings ability to perform aspects of daily activities like sports, yoga, etc.

Physical fitness is generally achieved through proper Nutrition.

So we have celebrated a fitness week event in our school to give an awareness about how to be a fit in life by taking Nutrition food every day.

FIT INDIA MOVEMENT - Day 2 (Nov 19th 2019)

Free Hand Exercise for All And Mental Fitness Activities.

Free hands exercise helps to shape and muscularize the body. Some of encouraging activities that makes the body moving and the heart pumping. Such as running in place, head rotating, hands flexibility, each of these fun exercises help kids to be more active in school. So we have conducted Free Hand Exercise event on 19th November 2019 in our school ground, not only our students even our teachers also enjoyed it by doing some fun exercises.

FIT INDIA MOVEMENT - Day 3 (Nov 20th 2019)

Fitness Assessment & Fit Body - Fit Mind - Fit Environment.

Poster making is a art it helps students to improve their thinking and extensive research and reading. It provides students with an opportunity to learn by doing it. Our students did some beautiful posters for the topic called "Fit Body - Fit Mind - Fit Environment." on 20th November 2019

FIT INDIA MOVEMENT - Day 4 (Nov 21th 2019)

I. Physical Activities. (Aerobics)

It is a form of physical exercise. It is usually performed with music accompaniment. It helps to burn calories and fat, Childrens like to dance so our school kids enjoyed Aerobics class which is conducted on 21st November 2019 in our dance class room.

FIT INDIA MOVEMENT - Day 5 (Nov 22th 2019)

Fitness / Sports Quiz for all Students.

FIT INDIA MOVEMENT - Day 6 (Nov 23th 2019)

Competition for Student, Staff and Parents in Traditional / Indigenous / Regional Games.

To celebrate the Unity in Diversity of our Nation and to maintain and strengthen the fabric of traditionally existing emotional bonds between the people of our country. So we conducted "Competition for Student, Staff and Parents in Traditional / Indigenous / Regional Games." on 23rd November 2019

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